You Know What Really Scares Me

You Know What Really Scares Me

Not a whole lot. Anymore.  Lots of things use to; doing things imperfectly, letting others down, losing what I had, not having enough money or time.  Lots of things. I'm not afraid of those things anymore because I finally learned a few things: I'm not perfect, never gonna be. It's not my job to hold the world up for others, material things just aren't that important and if I acquired them in my life once I can do it again. As for losing people in my life; well I'm never gonna like that but I've survived some serious grief and it will happen again...if you've been through it you know there is no preparing for it so there's no use being afraid ahead of time. And money...well money is simply an exchange of energy and I like the energy I put out now and time is relative.  But if I'm going to be completely truthful, there is one thing that really scares me right now and that is the collective fear I am witnessing in a nation very uncertain of its future.  


When we are scared or feel fear in a visceral way it's natural to react in one of several ways; 1) we try to control the situation by projecting power; we lash out in anger, frustration or revenge  2) we realize that only one thing heals discord and we dig a little deeper to take a heart based approach searching for the solution and steer clear of blame and resistance or 3) we freeze and do nothing. These are very normal human responses to loss of control, heartache, challenge and differences. Which way we respond depends on how we have learned to handle fear and how much responsibility for our own feelings we are willing to accept. Our national election is illiciting these responses in mass-style.


It seems we can all agree on one thing; we don't like the way things have been going but...Too many of us right now are ignoring the truth in our hearts and acting from a fear based place. Fear can make us abandon our common sense, rationality and intuition and we can act out of a sense of urgent fanatacism.  And when fanaticism catches fire it's hard to stop.  We are witnessing an attachment to blame at its worst.  We are seeing a resurgence of racism, bias, prejudice and intolerance which in a nutshell is a way to 'blame others for things we can't control'.  


When individuals concentrate on making the best of their own lives without concerning themselves with what others are doing, 100% of their energy is on building a positive creation that will touch others either directly or indirectly. Individuals who live their own lives without judging others realize everyone has their own journey whether we agree with the way others travel or not.  When we spend time judging and hating...we spend a lot of our precious energy resisting 'what is' and what cannot be changed by us; in effect: wasting energy that could be used fully for our own good.  


All this is coming at a time in our history when it could not be needed less.  We are ignoring Mother Earth's cries for attention at our own peril; she is crying out for our respect and gentle hand but the powers that be allow money to block her calls for help.  Instead of working together as united people against what we feel isn't working, we are picking sides against one another, siding with potential presidential leaders that incite dirision.  I understand the knee-jerk reaction that is taking place in reaction to a world that is not satifsying immediate needs and a government system that does not deliver in an honest or citizen-driven way.  But when we regress in our humanity because someone is granting permission for our darkest sides to emerge and times threaten to plunge into an era where war once again reigns over peace, intolerance is justified in the name of superiority, leadership incompetance is acceptable as long as we are powerful, control is believed to be the answer, and the world is once again divided into haves and have I am scared.  


We are above all else...commonly human.  On this basis alone, we owe it to each other to fight for humanity as a whole; I hate to be the one breaking the news but we are all in the same club; humanity is humanity; there is no separating out. It's time to give up the need to be right, step back and up to get a better view of the big picture.  If we care about what happens's time to give up judgment as a pasttime and allow everyone to live out the path each person's creator lays out for them whether we agree with it or not?


Because here's the thing; in a world full of judgment, intolerance, hatred and discord; it's a boomerang world; what you give is what you get and rarely does anything get solved.  When we judge another (mostly because we've never walked in their shoes), the judged judge back because they feel judged, and all our righteous solutions fall on deaf ears because judged individuals simply shut us out in defensiveness.  Wouldn't you do the same? However, someone reaches out in compassion, which is a heart based approach, without judgment, we are much more likely to actually listen and change something. Individuals who feel understood and cared for, rather than judged, are open to listening to solutions and will accept ways to help themselves.  

Of course, there will always be individuals who will never help themselves or anyone else but again, that is there own journey...not ours to control or change. And there are those will never stop trying to control or change others and they will live in constant resistance but...Can anyone change or control us? Do we want to be changed or controlled?  Of course not. Power, control and superiority are illusions for those who need to control their fear without taking responsibility for it.  Real control and power come from knowing that deep within we control nothing except the way we respond to people, circumstances and situations around us.  When we learn to trust ourselves and our ability to handle whatever comes without worrying what the other guy is doing we become tolerant, peaceful and compassionate.

Beyond that we are just eager followers for those who kid us into believing otherwise.  



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