I Choose Expansion

I Choose Expansion

Sitting atop a hill overlooking the expanse of hills, trees and the neverending skyline I am reminded of my limitless potential...and I like it.  I can feel my fear melting away and know that any barriers that stand between what I am and what I can become have been placed there by me.  They are mere perceptions.  

It is like that for so many of us...our potential remains bottled within...awaiting our conscious awareness to release it.  Instead, we waste so much time waiting for the right time, more money, permission from others in the form of acceptance and so forth. But the truth is...exercising our potential doesn't depend on any of those things; it simply depends on our choice to expand our current state of being.

Each moment presents a choice to be made; which relationship to pursue, which chance to take, which idea to unfold, which direction to go, which risk is worthy, which timing is correct, and so forth.  Each choice plants the seed for the next moment and each new moment makes up the life we create for ourselves.  It either fulfills our potential or hides from it.

Fear can be the springboard or the brakes...we choose.  As the springboard, it is what launches us out of the 'stalemate with life' we are currently in.  We recognize fear as the signal that opportunity is at hand and if we use this opportunity to overcome the barrier that fear is promoting, emotional, physical or spiritual expansion will take place.  As the brake, it stalls us in a pattern of frustration, repeat inhibiting behaviors and 'same place' thinking; holding us hostage in a place we claim not to want to be. 

We've heard it before, 'nothing changes unless something changes'. Change is absolutely scary and for a good reason. Change brings us to places unfamiliar and with it we face the possibility of being unprepared or ill skilled.  But that is how we expand...expansive challenges require us to rise to the equation. Looking back on our lives, we realize we've done it over and over again.  Expansion goes hand in hand with resilience.  When you survive, you expand...when you expand, you fulfill your potential in exponential ways.  

Every day fear presents itself...every day I choose expansion.

The Path with Lisa Crofton, Spiritual Life Strategist/Intuitive Life Mastery Coach 



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