The SOUL'S PATH - 8 Week Online Journey to Your Inner Most Self

Lisa Crofton

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"I decided to take the Soul Path journey not only because I felt it was time to address the skeletons in the closet that keep me from living a soul-filled, connected life of joy and peace; but also because I trust Lisa. She does not ask you to go where she has not gone herself. She's done the hard work, she understands the process, because she's walked the same path. She gently, without judgment and with lots of support, helps you take the steps to peel back the layers that have diverted you off your soul's path."

The Soul's Path

8 Weeks to Comfortably and Peacefully Being YOU


Wish your spiritual confidence was stronger and unshakeable?

Do you crave less stress and more peacefulness?

Do you want to slow things down or make better sense of things going on around you?

Wish you were living your Soul purpose or even knew what it was? 

Are you convinced there is a better way?

I get it...I really do! 

 I used to feel that way...

But not anymore.

I found my Soul Path and I Walk it...

it took some awareness, effort, mentoring and a willingness

to follow my own Authentic Path!

It was soooo worth it!

If you are still reading this you are probably where I was:

a bit lost, frustrated and

eager to find a peaceful, satisfying way to live!

FACT: Life's too short for us to keep making excuses...

It's too precious to live it full of worry, anxiety and struggle and hiding who you really are.

I know because that was exactly what I was doing!

Maybe you are too. 

I had to find the path that helped me calm down, love myself, and find my soul gifts...

And now my life is all about helping you find the easier, happier, more confident peaceful path!

For too many years, I was trying to balance motherhood, career, and family and my dreams...

And it took its toll..

I didn't know there was another way...

a more intuitive way, a more spiritual 'truthful for me' way.

But thanks to a serious life crisis (yup, a Grand Mal Seizure brought on by overwhelm, tension, anxiety, pressure and stress) AND a willingness to change things...

I now walk a healthy, loving, happy, gifted, peaceful life.

Today, I make every moment count, (even sleep).

I know myself as a SOUL with a body instead of a BODY with a soul.

I trust myself, life's process and my own wise inner voice...

I know how to use my gifts to serve others.

Life is matter what comes my way.

Everyday someone wants to know how I found my way to where I am now...

But it wasn't always like this for me...

It took a life changing illness to put me on this path. 

I don't recommend catastrophic illness as a catalyst for seeking a peaceful life - it can be much easier than that - but in my case, it was what broke me out of my 'lost' wandering and put me on the awakened, confident path I follow now.

Maybe you'll recognize my old life...maybe it's yours too:

never saying no,

second guessing myself regularly,

burning the candle at both ends,

burying my truths so others would be happy,

leaving my dreams on the back burner,

confused about my spirituality,

feeling overwhelmed.  

I was exhausted, out of touch with myself, unfulfilled and unhappy.

Does it sound familiar?

Maybe you feel this way too...

And you probably know deep down, just like I did, there is a better way. 

The trick is choosing it, and creating it. 

It's funny, I always seemed and looked like I had it altogether but inside was where the chaos hid.  I just kept going until I was stressed to the max and no longer enjoying my life.

What I really wanted was for my life to be filled with profound serenity...

A way to trust my own open heart...and a way to follow my gifts...

But I couldn't find my way or wouldn't allow myself to walk that path.  

There's lots of information out there on discovering a "better, stress free, fulfilled life" but nothing changed for me until I made the DECISION to change things.

I woke up, looked inward, found a mentor and worked diligently until I discovered my own true soul path.

My diligence led me to discovering an authentic soulful nature that was lying dormant and waiting for me to recognize it.  This path literally healed me: no more illness!...or overwhelming fear and anxiety!...or confusion about my purpose!

If you are as ready as I was to create something different for yourself...

Take this journey with me! 

I get it...I really do. 

I know starting something new can be hard (especially when you are busy) but the most rewarding things are hard.

And you'll never find have to make and take the time. 

But it really helps to have a guide...

Someone who knows EXACTLY where this path begins...

And where it leads: to a peaceful, fulfilling, confident, soul led life!

More Testimonials
1). I can see a small, dim, light at the end of the tunnel and for the first time in a very, very, very long time, it does not feel like it's a freight train headed my way.
2). I thought after my diagnosis of breast cancer 13 years ago that I had 'checked the box' of difficult things 'happening' to me. I am beginning to see now that I have resisted the small, still voice that was encouraging me to keep pushing thru - up thru the mud and muck of the challenges, until I reach the surface (lotus flower comes to mind). I guess after going through that experience at a young age, I felt I wouldn't/shouldn't have to endure anything else..But I can see now that there is still lots of growth to be had....and 3). I noticed almost immediately after starting this class that there is a calmness beginning to develop (and even though I was sidetracked with the whole panic of husband being away..I have found my way back to that pleasant feeling!). Yay! Just Yay!" ~ Barbara S
“Lisa’s class is the path to finding a life of greater joy. With Lisa’s gentle and compassionate guidance she allows you to uncover the tools to transform your life on many levels including emotional and spiritual. A profound teacher and seeker, Lisa will show you how to make small achievable changes that will deeply impact the way you conduct your life. You will savor the experience.” L. Johnson
"The classes I've taken with Lisa were the best I've ever had. The online class The Practice of Contentment changed my life, way of thinking and of viewing others. I have taken these types of classes for years and in no way do they even compare to this! Lisa's teaching makes things so simple and evident. She brings out the confidence inside you! Her warm and generous personality makes you feel so comfortable! ...with Lisa's help my life has turned from confused and troubled to settled and confident!!!" - Melissa A. Peshka, Entrepreneur



Every week you will receive:

A Weekly Video Lesson* accompanied by 

Downloadables plus video and audio links

that correspond to the week's lesson


The opportunity to submit questions to be answered on a
Scheduled FB Live calls.

A Weekly Affirmations List & A Weekly Progress Chart

Plus placement in the private FB Group Empathic Intelligence & Soul Wisdom for continued support and discussion



a Personal Private Coaching Chat with Me!

*Regardless of your pace during this course, you will continue to receive your a New Weekly Lesson every week for 8 Weeks. Everyone learns at their own pace and the videos and Downloadables are yours to keep. You will enjoy a lifetime membership in the FB Group. 

You Begin the Sunday Night after You Register

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Regulary $333

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For You

There comes a point in all our lives when we face massive transformation or we stay stuck.

This place in life features a significant crossroads; either we stay where we are, feeling stagnant and worn out or we embark on an invigorating albeit challenging new journey allowing the soul to lead.

If we choose the latter, no matter how arduous, we must learn to trust that the outcome will be for our highest good. While this is a deeply personal journey, having a mentor; a gentle guide to point the way when the way gets lost, a reminding whisper in your ear when you forget who you really are or the comfort of confident steps alongside yours to keep you on track, is sometimes what it takes.

If you are ready to do the soul balancing work to discover your personal blocks to freedom, and are ready to engage in the partnership of your life…then private work is for you.

Making the decision to delve into your happiest, wildest, most openly authentic life is breathtakingly exciting but it can be a wild ride full of mind blowing truth, long needed release and brave steps forward. It’s much easier and much more fun taking this road with a trusted mentor…someone who will remind you the journey is worth every heartfelt step.             

As an experienced Intuitive Strategiest and Master Coach it’s an amazing pleasure to work side by side with you as guide, teacher, mentor and empath and lead you to a place of ultimate self-knowing, confident living and joyous contentment. When you reach new heights in life, career, relationships and joy, life becomes incredibly limitless.



For Entrepreneurs and Executives

Entrepreneurs, Executives and those with High Stress Positions have unique struggles.  Balancing the dedication to their craft and the necessity to keep up with intense production and sales demands can tip the scales in the wrong direction when it comes to leading a peaceful, low stress, mindful life.  

Often the demands of work life leave you isolated, unfulfilled and stressed out. You may even feel trapped in the circumstances of your own successful making.  Your emotional, mental and spiritual life take a back seat to your perseverance.  Your relationships may lose strength, your health may suffer and you may have forgotten why you chose this life in the first place.

I know...I was there.  Focused on all the wrong things, stressed beyond repair I suffered the onset of a difficult illness over a decade ago.  Healing myself became the new one is immune.  The proactive, assertive, focused approach you employed to get you where you are today is the same approach you owe your own life. 

Our coaching partnership will lead to a more balanced approach to life and work, new perspectives on responding to life and relationships and renewed attention to your well-being.



For Children or Teens

 Adolescents today are faced with a barrage of extraordinary, every day stressors, that we recognize as hectic academic schedules, extra-curricular activities, household responsibilities, sometimes difficult emotional complications and thanks to technological advances; demanding and tricky social lives. Life can become overwhelming. Lack of confidence, perfectionism, anxiety, social awkwardness, divorce, and individualism all have a way of wreaking havoc on a smooth adolescence. When parents find themselves unable to break through difficult adolescent barriers, coaching can sometimes help where other methods haven't.  Coaching sessions differ from traditional 'therapy' sessions. Coaching teaches and encourages kids to develop positive life skills by learning to appreciate their individual and unique assets through a series of age appropriate techniques and a developing a unique trust relationship with the coach. In addition, coaching offers the opportunity for new perspectives to be adopted in the place of inhibiting beliefs that threaten to create problems.  Coaching offers opportunities to develop an understanding of:

The result is a confident child at home, school and in the world and is eventually able to coach themselves through life! When necessary, Lisa applies a 'whole system healing' approach to the process which includes those closest to the child.  She believes 'healing the unit heals the child'.


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