Collection: Online Courses

The Soul's Path is an 8-week program designed as a 'go-at-your-own-pace' course.  

This personal course leads you directly to your most peaceful existence. Delivered directly to your email once a week for 8 Weeks you'll take a journey directly to your soul. 

Go at your own pace with support directly from Lisa when necessary. 

Responding to Life's Chaos Using The Five Levels of Attachment by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

Learn the powerful tools to diminish the negative impact experienced by difficult people or circumstances. PERMANENTLY!

This Powerful series sets a breakthrough foundation for:

  • anyone desiring greater control over thinking patterns,
  • barriers to success or reactions,
  • understanding motivation of self and others,
  • improving existing and future relationships both in and out of the workplace,
  • increasing personal/professional clarity and improving communication skills and
  • reducing mind chaos, stress, fear and worry and/or
  • releasing judgment, criticism and preoccupation with others

    and so much more.  Learn More Here