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So, who am I?

First and foremost, I am a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister in this life.  My experiences with marriage, parenting, life, and loss are as profound as any and have brought me to where I AM today. My professional experiences and training are only part of my story.

Personal loss, childhood trauma, career transition, financial struggle, and recovery, a sever health crisis that brought me to my knees, and personal crossroads are no strangers to me; and are the real foundation of my work.

While challenging, those experiences are treasured and poignant footholds on my personal and professional life paths. And your experiences are yours too.  Finding the courage to be authentically who I am was the key to healing all the parts of me that desired an easier way.

I am not your ordinary Coach, Instructor, or Professional Development Trainer.

As a Consultant, Mentor and Intuitive Strategist specializing in Intuitive and Empathic Intelligences, I offer my personal clients and workforce development students the benefit of my training combined with transformational wisdom, and intuitive guidance; drawn from my own soul's understanding. I mean to inspire and guide others to discover and recognize their own internal guidance.

Empowering your own wisdom-filled voice, inherent healing abilities and authentic ways of being, leads you straight to the form and direction of your own aligned path, leadership role, or family influence.

I've always enjoyed the gift of being able to see the divine spark in others. It shines right out of you even if you can't see it... yet.

In the private experience, as we create an inspiring coaching partnership, you and I work to find your special gifts and unique path to satisfied contentment. In the workforce setting, we'll work to evaporate the separation between your humanity and your work life. During the process you'll find your way to unwavering clarity, a rock-solid confidence and the ability to lead your own path and work experience! 

It all starts with rediscovering your innate inner wisdom…