Corporate Program: Introduction to The Four Agreements in The Workplace & Beyond

Lisa Crofton

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If your team falls into one of these three categories this program is for your organization...

Morale is low or difficult to maintain

Team members feel unheard, frustrated, or stuck

Communication is weak or non-existent

The Four Agreements by author Don Miguel Ruiz outlines a code of conduct for obtaining personal freedom from negativity, stress and conditioned living.

Taught by Toltec trained Intuitive Master Coach Lisa Crofton, this course blends individual interpersonal skill with workplace skills to create more emotionally, intuitively intelligent employees, leaders and supervisors.

The Four Agreements, once practiced, decreases verbal altercations, misunderstandings, and apathy and increases teamwork, personal accountability and enthusiasm for life.

Applying these game changing Four Agreements in the Workplace aligns responses of individuals to their work life goals.  

Other positive outcomes include:

Better teamwork

Increased morale

Focused goals

Improved leadership skills

Individual confidence in work and home life

Positive responses

Students gain unbelievable new perspectives about life, work, friendship and joy.

The Four Agreements are simple but very profound when executed in our daily lives.

1) Be Impeccable with Your Word

2) Don't take anything personally.

3) Don't Make Assumptions

4) Always Do Your Best


One Day, Profound Change

Custom Scheduling for a Six Hour Program

On-site or On-Line 


*Book is not included


For You

There comes a point in all our lives when we face massive transformation or we stay stuck.

This place in life features a significant crossroads; either we stay where we are, feeling stagnant and worn out or we embark on an invigorating albeit challenging new journey allowing the soul to lead.

If we choose the latter, no matter how arduous, we must learn to trust that the outcome will be for our highest good. While this is a deeply personal journey, having a mentor; a gentle guide to point the way when the way gets lost, a reminding whisper in your ear when you forget who you really are or the comfort of confident steps alongside yours to keep you on track, is sometimes what it takes.

If you are ready to do the soul balancing work to discover your personal blocks to freedom, and are ready to engage in the partnership of your life…then private work is for you.

Making the decision to delve into your happiest, wildest, most openly authentic life is breathtakingly exciting but it can be a wild ride full of mind blowing truth, long needed release and brave steps forward. It’s much easier and much more fun taking this road with a trusted mentor…someone who will remind you the journey is worth every heartfelt step.             

As an experienced Intuitive Strategiest and Master Coach it’s an amazing pleasure to work side by side with you as guide, teacher, mentor and empath and lead you to a place of ultimate self-knowing, confident living and joyous contentment. When you reach new heights in life, career, relationships and joy, life becomes incredibly limitless.



For Entrepreneurs and Executives

Entrepreneurs, Executives and those with High Stress Positions have unique struggles.  Balancing the dedication to their craft and the necessity to keep up with intense production and sales demands can tip the scales in the wrong direction when it comes to leading a peaceful, low stress, mindful life.  

Often the demands of work life leave you isolated, unfulfilled and stressed out. You may even feel trapped in the circumstances of your own successful making.  Your emotional, mental and spiritual life take a back seat to your perseverance.  Your relationships may lose strength, your health may suffer and you may have forgotten why you chose this life in the first place.

I know...I was there.  Focused on all the wrong things, stressed beyond repair I suffered the onset of a difficult illness over a decade ago.  Healing myself became the new one is immune.  The proactive, assertive, focused approach you employed to get you where you are today is the same approach you owe your own life. 

Our coaching partnership will lead to a more balanced approach to life and work, new perspectives on responding to life and relationships and renewed attention to your well-being.



For Children or Teens

 Adolescents today are faced with a barrage of extraordinary, every day stressors, that we recognize as hectic academic schedules, extra-curricular activities, household responsibilities, sometimes difficult emotional complications and thanks to technological advances; demanding and tricky social lives. Life can become overwhelming. Lack of confidence, perfectionism, anxiety, social awkwardness, divorce, and individualism all have a way of wreaking havoc on a smooth adolescence. When parents find themselves unable to break through difficult adolescent barriers, coaching can sometimes help where other methods haven't.  Coaching sessions differ from traditional 'therapy' sessions. Coaching teaches and encourages kids to develop positive life skills by learning to appreciate their individual and unique assets through a series of age appropriate techniques and a developing a unique trust relationship with the coach. In addition, coaching offers the opportunity for new perspectives to be adopted in the place of inhibiting beliefs that threaten to create problems.  Coaching offers opportunities to develop an understanding of:

The result is a confident child at home, school and in the world and is eventually able to coach themselves through life! When necessary, Lisa applies a 'whole system healing' approach to the process which includes those closest to the child.  She believes 'healing the unit heals the child'.


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